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While still growing and improving, is already the internet's biggest and most comprehensive Pacific Rim travel and hotel portal, and with good reason. Adventure Hotels offers a new but simple concept in hotel reservations that tremendously benefits both you, the traveller, and the hotel. We have thirty-nine of the internet's most popular Pacific Rim (and other) destinations for you to choose from. Some of our destinations are huge, and very comprehensive, covering areas as large as

Zero personality chain hotel
Zero personality chain hotel

And finally, our specialty! Through a rigid qualifying process of former guest reviews, we have narrowed down your search to the best value-priced, independently-operated, eco-friendly Moscow hotels available.

No middlemen

Most internet portals will list any hotel as long as it pays the middleman (a chain hotel central reservation system, or the Global Distribution System (GDS) like, travelocity, expedia, orbitz, etc.) a huge 20% to 40% commission for each reservation. All of our qualified and listed hotels pay us only an annual listing fee. We make nothing on your reservation.

Our hotels need to qualify to be listed

Our hotels need to undergo a rigorous qualification process to be listed on our websites. In fact, only about 15% of all hotels qualify. We don't list a lot of hotels, just the best ones. The four step qualification process includes:

  • Pricing: all Adventure Hotels must have average prices under US$200, $150 or $100 (depending upon the location) per night double occupancy, but most are far less. Because good quality hotels in Moscow tend to be expensive, all hotels listed on this site are under US$200. We have determined that there is no need for you to pay more for fine quality, well-located accommodation.
Hotel's Global Distribution System (GDS), based on greedy middlemen, and your fear and ignorance
Hotel's Global Distribution System (GDS), based on greedy middlemen, and your fear and ignorance
  • All Adventure Hotels listed are independently owned and operated which means the owners must personally demonstrate they try harder to satisfy their guests. Often the personal service and advice they offer is worth the price of accommodation alone. Adventure Hotel owners are excited about their hotel and facilities, and it shows. They not only provide excellent accommodations, facilities and services for the price they charge, but also, they have painstakingly put together an attractive, informative website proudly displaying their wonderful hotel (and prices) on the first page (or two) of the search engines. Prices are important and forcing you to contact the hotel to obtain them is annoying. Our hotels do not rely on costly middlemen to send them a steady stream of guests like cattle through a feed lot, making you feel like a statistic (which you are). Adventure Hotels' philosophy is simple. If the hotel doesn't rely mainly on word of mouth, nor have the wherewithall to attract and keep its own guests by providing comfortable, clean, updated accommodations and facilities, and make guests feel welcome and appreciated, then the hotel probably doesn't have the genuine interest to make your stay an authentic, warm, real, and a problem-free experience.
  • Former guest reviews: all Adventure Hotels listed have undergone a series of former guest reviews, guests who lay out the truth (as they see it) and the cream hotels that we list have risen to the top positions...don't just take our word on it, trust the opinions of former guests!
  • All Adventure Hotels are eco-friendly (to some extent) and must meet minimum requirements of sustainability. Categories include recycling, composting, using renewable energy, conservation of the environment and indigenous cultural promotion, employing local help with chances for upward mobility, buying local produce, reinvesting profits in the local area, informing guests of eco-friendly travelling practises, and generally encouraging visitors to observe, listen, understand and empathize rather than see, hear, take pictures and boast. If visitors prefer the familiar comforts of home, they need to ask themselves why they are traveling?

Locate the perfect hotel at any destination

From each listed hotel's website, you are able to contact the hotel(s) directly. Ask a real person for multi-night and multi-room, child and senior discount; a quiet room or a top floor room with a view; or to be accommodated close to the pool; extra blankets, towels or pillows; or have them recommend and book a tour or car for you in advance; you can request a romantic bouquet of exotic flowers with a note attached waiting in your room, or a chilled bottle of champagne; or ask questions about the surrounding area, dining, nightlife, laundry services or luggage storage, or a possible early check-in or late check-out. You can't do any of this when you book through a middleman!

We have done the work for you

Now, confidently make your reservations your way by dealing directly with the hotel, and holding the hotel accountable for what they promised. Though our listed hotels are highly recommended and qualified, if your hotel doesn't live up to your expectations, send us an honest and realistic review, to warn others. However, if it meets or surpasses your expectations, be kind and send us a positive review. These hotels depend on YOUR word of mouth, eliminating the costly middlemen, and saving everyone money. Both you and the hotel win. In fact, the only people that lose are those greedy middlemen.

About the author

By Jim Nealon, a lifelong friend

Eric and I met while we both attended the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada in the early 70's. Little did I know at the time that we would become lifelong friends. And I am most grateful and thankful for that.

I graduated in 1974 with an Honours Degree in Mathematics (Applied Analysis and Computer Science), and Eric graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies (BES), majoring in cultural geography.

After we both graduated, Eric was planning a trip around the world and asked if I wanted to come along. Unfortunately, I could not go as I was looking for a job in order to pay off my student loan.

Luckily for us, Eric is a good writer, and he wrote to us fairly regularly during this first of several global travels.

I know he traveled mostly overland through 32 countries, including working his way across the South Pacific on a Danish banana boat, he was held up in the heart of the Beirut War, he was picked up and taken hostage by a Loatian army platoon deep into the jungles to their hidden camp, he was arrested and falsely accused of planting tear gas in a bar by the Panamanian Police, and battled extreme dysentery while trekking through Nepal's Himilayas. Eric took this trip in 1974-75 so you can see that he traveled through some 'hot' spots at the time.

As life would have it, I was busy working and raising my family of four, and for a while I lost track of Eric. Nobody seemed to know where he disappeared to. After several failed attempts, I tracked Eric down through an acquaintance of his in Northern Ontario that I have never met. I found out that he had Shakespeare made San Jose, Costa Rica his home-base for himself and his two teenage sons in 1995, operating two more successful hotels there.

I finally went down to visit Eric while he was operating The Hemingway Inn in San Jose, Costa Rica. Actually I went to visit Eric twice while he operated the Hemingway Inn, and he treated me like royalty both times. It was as if all that time since graduation never existed because we just picked up where we left off.

It was during one of these visits that I found out that when Eric finally came back from his trip after graduation (we did not think he'd come back) he settled in Ontario, Canada, and proceeded to operate three different hotels in Northern Ontario. It turns out that this became his life long career: turning fledging hotels into very viable businesses. A testament to his business acumen.

Between operating these hotels he again traveled (with his family in the later years) throughout much of the Pacific Rim from Japan to Thailand and Viet Nam, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, many South Pacific Islands, Chile, Peru, Columbia, and all of Central America and Mexico between 1978 and 1992. Eric was also compiling information about Third World Eco-Tourism Marketing for his post-graduate thesis at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia from 1989-91.

Presently, he is operating the Adventure Inn on the outskirts of San Jose in the Costa Rica's central valley towards the international airport.

Over the past twelve years, Eric has founded three non-profit Costa Rica eco-hotel associations, with a total of over fifty independent hotels strategically located throughout Costa Rica. Through his writings, the internet, and room, tour, and car rental reservations, he has professionally advised literally thousands of people with their travel plans, and has built up quite a repertoire of questions that he has direct experience with, or has researched and answered, especially regarding Third World travel. Thankfully, he compiled his knowledge and insights, along with his conviction for helping people travel safely, onto one of his many websites:

Eric's interests are his family first, traveling, travel writing, building an international hotel portal -, photography, his dogs, establishing litter pick up programs for public school kids in San Jose, Costa Rica, and masters swimming, in which he is a world class competitor. Eric's next competition will be at the World Championships in Perth, Australia in April, 2008.

One of the main reasons that Eric has been so successful is that he believes that honesty in tourism marketing has longevity. He tells you both the good and the bad.

Eric also believes that anyone practising the ecotourism philosophy will help tourism remain sustainable, and the world will be a bit better place for all of us to live. Though he knows that he is often preaching to the converted, he suggests your stay and travels should impact minimally and only positively on the indigenous physical, cultural, economic, and ecological setting. We all need to observe, listen, understand, and empathize rather than see, hear, take pictures, and boast.

Eric also believes and sets an example, as I try to do, that we should all strive to leave this world in better shape than when we arrived in it, even if it's a just small improvement.